Vehicle for the transport of individual wheelchair users

Vozilo za pojedinačni prevoz korisnika invalidskih kolica

The vehicle enables ramp crossing without moving the person in the wheelchair. The wheelchair is fastened in the vehicle by a special system so that the transport is completely safe. The whole vehicle is lowered to the ground when one is getting on or off the vehicle, so that it is adjusted to the electric wheelchair, too, which is somewhat lower than the «ordinary» one. Besides the wheelchair user's seat there are two more seats for people accompanying him/her and the driver's seat. It goes without saying that the vehicle is fitted with an air-conditioning system and all the active and passive safety systems (ABS, ASR...), and is driven by a professional driver! 

Even if you do not have your own wheelchair, this is still not a problem –  we will gladly let you use ours (whatever type you need, including the special ones), depending on your needs.

When transporting people to a medical examination we provide assistance for the duration of the examination or intervention if it is required.



Handycab NS

- Persons in the wheelchairs (yours or ours)

- Immobile persons in the city, the country and abroad

Handycab NS

- Rent and sale of wheelchairs and other aids

Handycab NS

- Possibility of paying in installments and over the account.