Vehicle for transport of immobile people and patients

Vozilo za prevoz ležećih osoba i pacijenata

This vehicle facilitates the transport of people who, due to their condition or disability, are not able to remain in the sitting position unaided for a longer period of time while travelling.

The vehicle is fitted with a stretcher (bed), cardiac chair and all the other equipment necessary for the client's needs or condition, to enable safe transport of the patients (ECG, pulse oximetre...). In this case a medical team is hired (a doctor and a nurse) from a medical institution we cooperate with. The choice of a doctor of a certain speciality is also possible depending on the nature of the transported person's condition (anesthetist, emergency specialist, cardiologist, etc.). Because of the care for the person transported long distances (abroad) we send two drivers so that the transport may go uninterrupted. The vehicle is fitted with a separate air-conditioning and heating system for the back of the car. When transporting a lying person to a medical examination our team accompanies the person throughout the stay in the health institution!



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- Persons in the wheelchairs (yours or ours)

- Immobile persons in the city, the country and abroad

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- Rent and sale of wheelchairs and other aids

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- Possibility of paying in installments and over the account.