Vehicle for group transport of people in wheelcharis

Vozilo za grupni prevoz osoba u invalidskim kolicima

It offers various possible combinations depending on how many wheelchair users travel together. The highest number of passengers in the vehicle is four and they can be accompanied by four more people in the seats. This vehicle is often rented by groups of eight to nine passengers one of which is a person in a wheelchair. The vehicle is boarded with the aid of a telescopic ramp, and people with electric wheelchairs are also able to board it. The vehicle has all the systems of active and passive safety, air-conditioning, heating and a sizeable luggage compartment for all the necessary things you may wish to take with you on holiday.     



Handycab NS

- Persons in the wheelchairs (yours or ours)

- Immobile persons in the city, the country and abroad

Handycab NS

- Rent and sale of wheelchairs and other aids

Handycab NS

- Possibility of paying in installments and over the account.